Byre Support PIllows

The Byre Support Pillow is a revolutionary support pillow that doesn’t flatten or lose its shape over time. It provides long term pain relief with its unique high-density hypoallergenic soft shredded memory foam crumb filling (thousands of pieces of memory foam), which rebounds after each use.

The support pillow can be used as a sports recovery or surgery recovery pillow, and relieve pain such as sciatica, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain and other sports injuries. Reduce hip, leg and lower back pain by sleeping with the pillow between your knees. It moulds to your body shape for the ultimate support and comfort.

It also can be used as a full body and bump pregnancy support, while supporting your back, neck, sides, arms, knees and feet. Reduce any leg or ankle swelling and improve your circulation. The versatile pillow can be used as a pregnancy sleep support in numerous positions, including as a nursing or breastfeeding pillow.

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Byre's XL U-shaped pillow is the big brother of the Byre Support Pillow - full body support for front and back.

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Byre's Wedge Pillow is a multi-purpose support pillow. Its unique folding design helps to support your head, neck back or legs. It can help with neck and back pain or elevate legs while sleeping. The wedge can support when sitting, lying and sleeping.

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Byre's Half Moon Pillow is a multi-purpose support pillow for the relief of back, neck, leg and hip pain. It can be used as a lumbar support to support the curvature of your spine. It can also be used as a "between the knees" pillow or bolster pillow to reduce pain while sleeping.

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