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Sports Injury

Monthly Massage

We believe that prevention is better than cure. We also believe that looking after your body is a constant, never ending process.


Like a car, you must maintain your body on a regular basis, if you don't you'll end up with recurring pain and an expensive bill. The PREVENT PLAN gives you regular maintainence and saves you money.

Equally you wouldn't drive your car without an insurance policy. That's why with the PREVENT PLAN if you do get injured you can switch your massage or rehab sessions for a physio appointment for no extra cost or hassle.

In addition to regular maintenance and insurance you need the right fuel and skills to make sure you peform at your best. To help all PREVENT PLAN members keep in tip top condition we have an array of health & fitness benefits for you. These include discounted training programmes, nutrition plans, psychology support, 1-2-1 PT, pilates and yoga with Glasgow based instructors and discount on gym memberships in the City.


We have 2 levels of support to suit your needs so no matter your activity level or requirement we can help you. Whether it's just piece of mind and a regular massage or a full support package to keep you performing at your best we can help you.

Sign up below and insure your body for whatever life throws at you.

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